nikta & mikey

After nine years of dating, college sweethearts Nikta & Mikey were married at the lush Rancho Bernardo Inn in the spring. Featuring nods to Nikta’s Persian roots, their wedding was an elegant combination of European romance and Iranian traditions.  “We included the sofreh in our ceremony. The concept of the Persian sofreh Aghd is a tradition with over 2,500 years of history. The sofresh contains many items to symbolize different qualities that couples would hope to bring into their new life.” During the ceremony, Nikta’s sister and Mikey’s sister came and grinded sugar over a veil above the couple for good luck. Nikta notes, “One of my favorite aspects was when we each dipped our finger in the honey and fed it to each other before our first kiss. This symbolizes sweetness as we begin our lives as one.”

rancho santa fe

Kind Words

"These are the absolute dreamiest photos I've ever seen... I haven't comprehended that that is actually us but at the same time, I look at them and see the most accurate, real representation of us. My heart is in my stomach. They are beautiful."
— Paige & Michael