Dani is a wedding & portrait photographer based in California. She takes on a small amount of weddings per year, so that she can approach each wedding with the utmost care. She is unique and thoughtful in her approach — capturing the beauty of real moments, incredible spaces, golden light, and sincerity. She blends a photojournalistic approach with an editorial eye — marrying candids with gently guided posing so that her couples receive beautiful, organic images. She infuses a sense of elevated artistry into each portrait, and carefully shapes light so that each image is a piece of art. Her deep appreciation for truth and thoughtfulness is an intentional part of her process. 

When Dani is not photographing around the world, you can find her in the hills of California, painting a new watercolor piece for her home, spending time with her significant other and pets, sunbathing in nearby desert resorts, and hosting dinner parties with her dearest friends. 

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